March 19, 2014

Get Into It

Less Thinking - More Doing

The lights went out and he crossed the room slowly. She was nervous with anticipation, because she couldn't remember whether she was wearing matching underwear - and she'd better be. Otherwise this wasn't going down. As he grew closer she struggled harder to remember what she'd done this morning. 

Oh yeah! she thought, proudly, as he came around behind her and slid a hand down her stomach, grazing her breasts with the other. I wore the navy blue set this morning. She went over her morning as he took her earlobe between her teeth, only to discover she'd forgotten something important. 

The laundry, she thought, as he kissed and gently ran his tongue along the nape of her neck. "Mhmmm," she said aloud, and he thought she was responding to his touch. Yes, she thought to herself. I'll be fine if I get it done tonight. She looked at the clock. If this doesn't take too long I can get a load in the wash before bed. 

He tried to undress her slowly, but she was eager, quickly removing all of her clothing and his. He assumed it was because she was anxious after the job he'd done seducing her - though if he was honest, he hadn't had a chance to do much. As they made their way toward the bed she chanced another glance at the clock, only to realize that five whole minutes had passed! 

She had to speed this up!

He started to kneel, being considerate of her pleasure, but she didn't have time so she guided him back up to kiss her. He got the message and obediently started to penetrate, surprised when she wasn't as wet as he'd imagined considering her impatience. He started off slowly, then switched up his rhythm, but her reactions to any changes he made were mild so, not having much to work with, he decided to do what felt good for him. She was relatively quiet for the next ten minutes, save for a few oohs and aahs. 

He vaguely wondered what time it was. He had to wake up in the morning.

And scene.

What? ::the goddess asks, innocently fluttering her lashes:: That wasn't just like the romance novels?

Of course it wasn't. Why? Because even I would dry up after just one chapter of that nonsense.

I have a little problem, and I'll share it with all of you. Once intimacy becomes imminent, I lose myself. Completely. Perhaps it once began as a choice to let go, but at this point it's become a reflex. I let go and let the pleasure have me. I am not someone who can intentionally skip a wax, wear my laundry-week panties or awful underwear that doesn't match as a preventative measure against sex. If it wants to happen, it will and I will have to deal with the mortification later. I once even booby-trapped myself with a tampon when trying to end a long standing physical relationship with an ex - he ended up pulling it out slowly and somehow making it sexy.

Now, am I suggesting that you go out and become a sex crazed maniac so much so that you allow ALL the blood to leave your brain at the slightest touch? No. But there are many women who describe intimate situations to me that involve almost NO details about the person they're sleeping with. Because the whole time they were focused on themselves.

What do I mean by this?

Example: You recall an encounter of sex in the bedroom, but it was a little risqué, and you were bending over the dresser, in front of the mirror. Right away I think hot, and lean in closer for details. But then you start telling me how you don't like how your boobs looked from that angle. Every time he thrusted you just noticed how that fat around your hips would move. And your stomach seemed a lot more jiggly than normal. Did he notice that too? Oh no, was he thinking you were fat?

That is not the time! Whether you're happy with your body right at this moment or not, sex is not the time for a full-on physical evaluation. The key to the female orgasm is safety. Comfort. Freedom. That sounded like three keys but you get what I'm saying...

You have to be able to let go. You need to feel safe with your partner. Trust him. Be comfortable being yourself around him.

The flip side of the insecurity taking over is women who try to be cute the whole time they're having sex. That is IMPOSSIBLE. At least if you plan on actually enjoying the sex. Frankly, if the performance is more important to you than the orgasm you may as well be getting paid for it.

Too far?

Seriously though...

I have never had a boyfriend complain about my "come" face. (I know you may not agree with my spelling just there, but it's my opinion that cum is a noun, not a verb. Anyhow...) I was always told that my orgasms were "hot". That is was the "sexiest thing" he'd ever seen. Then we experimented with video, and when we watched it - oh my god. My come face is AWFUL. Beyond ugly...just frightening.

The orgasm, though?


And so, I move for less thinking-more doing. Get out of your head, get out of the mirror... (unless you're watching him, because ::sigh::)

And get into it.

x's and many o's,


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